Multi-Surface Cleaner




First off you must understand that within the walls of the Spargur home resides the nastiest bath surround east of the Mississippi…and maybe beyond. We call it, “The Boys’ Bathroom”. I can’t really blame the boys. It’s one of those fiberglass bath surrounds that are all nice and glossy for the first few years after installation but as time goes on, the glossy finish becomes etched and worn away leaving no barrier for all the soap scum and mineral deposits. As a result, I could work myself into a panting sweat scouring the thing out only to have it look like I hadn’t touched it 48 hours later.

We were seriously considering having it removed and putting in ceramic tile. Too pricey! I thought about those daily use products that keep your shower from gunky build-up and started doing some research on my own.

Well…..this is what I came up with….an essential oil cleaner that would be anti-fungal to hold down the mold and mildew, antibacterial, scum busting, good smelling, easy to use and affordable. But the Golden Question was, “will it work?”

To give it a fighting chance, I scoured the boys’ bath surround using cleanser and one of those 3M scrubbers. I then sprayed the entire surface of the bath and surround with the cleaner every day.

Shozbott! It works!!!!

We are still in serious disbelief. As of this writing it has been months since we have had to scrub any of the 3 tub/showers in the house. There is no need to scrub or even rinse. The cleaner is completely natural and chemical free. We just dilute it into a 1 quart spray bottle and mist the surfaces every to every other day. Any gunky buildups simply wipe away. Is that the “Hallelujah Chorus” I hear??