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Contains a grated bar of our cleaning soap and a pre-measured amount of borax and washing soda. The recipe (included in the kit) makes 2 gallons of a heavy gel. Our family of 11 has been using this exclusively for years.

The kit takes only minutes to mix up and is one of the best deals you’ll find anywhere! Approximately 128 loads (1/4 cup per load) in an HE or front loader – 64 loads (1/2 cup per load) in a top loader. Lightly scented or unscented.


Cleaning Soap, Borax & Washing Soda

Laundry Kit Instructions

Mix in 3 – 5 gallon bucket.

Place the contents of the bag in a sauce pan. Add 6

cups water and heat over medium heat until the grated soap is completely melted.

Remove from heat.  Pour the hot soap mixture into the bucket.

Add 26 cups of water and stir.

Soap may be used immediately when hot. Within 24 hours it will cool to a heavy gel.

Use ½ cup per load for top-loading machines and ¼ cup for high efficiency machines

Scent your own Laundry Soap Kit
White Linen or Lavender & Herbs Fragrance
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