Whipped Moisture Cream

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This is our “everything” lotion. Use it head to foot for all your dry skin problems. Safe to use facially. Great under make-up. We have combined the rich emollient quality of palm and coconut with liquid oils to absorb into the skin quickly. We’ve spent years perfecting this long-lasting heavy cream. One of our top-selling products! Comes in Rain Scent or Unscented.


Water, coconut oil, palm oil, emulsifying wax, olive oil, cyclomethicone, glycerine, stearic acid, castor oil, Optiphen preservative, fragrance

4 reviews for Whipped Moisture Cream

  1. Sarah

    Honestly, I just purchased this the first time to make it up to free shipping- lol. However, I really really love this moisture cream and have come back time and again for more. It goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, and moisturizes for a long time. I’ve tried a huge range of lotions and creams over the years, as I need something on my skin most every day. This one is a keeper. Works well on your face too, as mentioned above.

  2. Hannah

    I love love love this product! It was originally gifted to me years ago, but it is the product I continually come back to again and again. My skin is very sensitive, but I’ve never had any issues with this product. Also, I appreciate that the scent is nice and subtle.

  3. bprettyw.jess

    Just discovered this a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it-the rain scent is so heavenly! So glad to see it in strawberries and champagne now too, because the soap in that scent is super yummy! I use this as a facial night cream, and sometimes under make-up in the morning. Please make it in a rose scent!

  4. Nancy Ludlow

    I absolutely love this cream! I use it every night and also under make-up in the morning. I gave the unscented version to a friend who does not like scented items and she loves it! The Apricot Nectar is my favorite scent, but the others are wonderful too!

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