Bath Bomb Tub Scrubbing & Bubbling


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This is what we hope you’ll love about them:
* They’re huge! 5-6 oz. each.
* We added a bubbling agent which rinses away the residues left by many bath bombs.
* Bubbles are cool!
* The gem shape allows you to use the bomb as a shower steamer as it will stay put on the floor of the shower.
* Bath bombs can be broken into as many as four pieces for multiple use.
* Artistically swizzled with all-natural mineral mica paint.
* We’ve done our homework. Bath bombs this size and ingredient list are going for as much $7.95 each – so our pricing is good – really good!

Our bath bombs will be packed in individual shrink wrapped bags in a well-padded box.  We cannot, however, take responsibility for how the packages are handled by the postal service and are unable to bear the cost of replacing any items that may be damaged in shipping.

Our all-new bath bombs have been redesigned from the ground up – The perfect shape – gargantuan size – incredible scents – and the very best part is they leave you AND your tub sparkly clean!


Awesome features that make our Bath Bombs unique: 


  1. They are big.  Really REALLY big. Not those little 2 or 3 oz golf balls you have rolling around in your bathroom drawer. Nope. These things are HUGE at FIVE AND A HALF OUNCES!  How big is that?  Keep reading:
  2.  They are NOT SPHERES! It might seem silly at first that we’d bother worrying about the shape… but here’s the thing: Most of us are predominantly shower-takers, right?  So we created our bath bombs in a flatter shape so you can use it as a shower steamer, too!  Think of them as flying saucers, or gem shaped hockey pucks!  In fact, they are the same diameter as a regulation ice hockey puck, at 3″!  But they are thicker… 1.5″ thick!  We TOLD you they were huge!
  3. The shape allows you to break them apart into 4 pieces if you’d like to get multiple uses out of one bath bomb! Look at you, you frugal virtuoso, you!
  4. The best part… We call them “Tub Scrubber” Bath Bombs because we were often terribly vexed by the colored rings most bath bomb formulations left in our tubs! (It is NOT relaxing to know you’re going to have to clean that later!) So we added delightful bubbles to these bombs that not only pamper YOU, but they also leave your tub cleaner after your bath!
  5. Let’s not forget that these are LOADED with tons of good salts and oils to soothe and moisturize your skin!If you’ve read this far, dear friend, you are ready to try these things out.
    We’re sharing these with you at a cool discount, too!
    Buy any 3, and your 4th one is free!  🙂 
    Why are you still here reading this?  GO – Get yours now!  (They make the most fabulous stocking stuffers!)

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Cold & Flu (Menthol & Eucalyptus), Island Coconut, Lavender Patchouli, Mango & Papaya, Sugarplum