Our liquids are a true castile soap made from organic olive, coconut and essential oils.
Total body - these can be used as shampoo, body wash, or hand soap. Absolutely baby safe! These are our kids' favorite shampoos!
New Organic Liquids
$5.95 each
Now you can scrub the kiddies and the bathtub - all at the same time. Our kid-safe bubble bath produces volumes of luxurious bubbles, smells heavenly, and rinses tub grungies down the drain. Available in three kid-friendly fragrances in a 16 ounce bottle.
$5.95 each
Virginia Soaps & Scents
2015 Virginia Soaps & Scents
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Bubble Bath
8 ounce bottle
Our liquids may be included in the multiple soap bar discount offers.
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Ginger Ale temporarily out of stock.