Salt Spray
We are thrilled to market an all-natural Himalayan salt deodorant bar. These salt crystals offer a natural healthy alternative to the aluminum based deodorants that permeate our market today.

A natural salt deodorant works by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the skin. Simply apply the bar to clean wet skin or wet the bar to use on dry skin. Don't forget to apply it to those smelly feet too!

We’ve been using these bars for years and we’re believers. One bar can last up to two years, so this deodorant is a great value!

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$8.50 per bar
From the salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayas…
Natural Deodorants
"For those of you interested in a deodorant/cleansing bar, The Himalayan Salt Crystal bar is perhaps a healthier alternative than the alum stone. These deodorant bars are totally natural and safe. Unlike the alum (aluminum) stone, they are not processed in any way except that they are carved from natural chunks of ancient Himalayan crystallized salt.

In some parts of the world they have been used for centuries. They contain no alcohol, perfumes or aluminium and can be used all over the body - even feet! They are not sticky or greasy, and they will not stain your clothing.

They work when applied wet to clean skin - the deodorant stone leaves an invisible layer of protection that helps prevent odor causing bacteria from forming. It leaves you feeling fresh and clean, but will not clog up your pores."
A note from our suppliers...
Shape of bar may vary slightly depending on availabilty.
You can now get your Himalayan Salt deodorant in a super-saturated pump spray! Youngsters just beginning to use deodorant may find the spray an easier alternative. An excellent companion to use along with the solid salt bar, the salt spray is handy to carry with you when travelling, or if you are a person who needs to keep deodorant with you during the day for reapplication.

Same superb natural protection as our Himalayan Salt Bar.

The 16 ounce refill bottle will replenish your sprayer four times for a discounted price of $4.50 per refill.

Customer response to the introduction of this product has been excellent!
Himalayan Salt Bar
Himalayan Salt Spray
$4.95 each
16 oz. refill $18
3 for $24
New & Improved!
Now enhanced with witch hazel distillate, fragrance and a skin-conditioning emulsifier for longer lasting odor control!
3 for $14.00
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