Shampoo for the pet who's part of the family...
I purchased some Pet Poo at a recent show. I was very impressed. I have a dalmation that nothing suds on and he soaped up and cleaned up great. None of my beagles that usually itch have been itching. You have 4 new 4-legged customers!
Thanks from all...
When it comes to that special member of the family, we don't take shortcuts. Our pet shampoo is made with the same tender loving care that we invest in all of our other products.

The high level of castor oil provides a glossy coat and moisturizing comfort to your pet's skin.

Spearmint and eucalyptus oils help repel ticks and fleas.

Bars are approximately 3.25 - 3.35 ounces.
Customer comments...
$3.95 each
I tried the Pet Poo on my dogs. It worked great! They stayed shiny and soft for a lot longer than with regular shampoo and it did seem to help my itchy hound! Thank you!
2 for $7.00
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