Shaving Mug Set
Our shaving mug is a big, beefy ceramic made to resemble 19th century porcelain on steel granite ware. The complete shaving set includes a wooden handled shaving brush and a cube of Blue Water shaving soap. This is a very affordable way for guys to get started with mug and brush shaving and is a fraction of the cost of buying shaving cream as one shaving cube will last for months.
Shaving soap refills are available for men and women.

Sold individually or in packages of two.
Shaving Mug Set
Single Bar
Shaving Soap Cubes
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Replacement Brush
Virginia Soaps & Scents
2015 Virginia Soaps & Scents
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Now made with Bentonite Clay for improved razor slip and skin conditioning!
Just a few drops will soften and condition not only that untamed facial hair, but will also condition the skin and help prevent acne breakouts.

Fragranced with our signature scent "The Virginian", a masculine blend of tobacco, bay leaf and cedar.
2 ounce bottle $8.95
Beard Oil
Beards are Back... so Beard Oil is In!