The scent of lavender has long been associated with healing, cleansing and comfort. Spritz your sheets and pillow each night with this lovely scent for more peaceful sleep.
Lavender Linen Spray
3 for $12.00
$4.50 each
4 oz. spray bottle
Throw out those chemical-ridden dryer sheets!
Wool Dryer Balls
"I have a front loading washer and do BIG, full loads daily. I've heard that dryer balls can shorten drying time, and I was curious how these would do. Lately our dryer has not been working well and clothes end up needing a second go-round. So, in went the three balls (the linen scent was lovely) on top of the wet laundry and I started the dryer on the usual settings. When the buzzer sounded I was thrilled to find that all the laundry was dry except for the 2 large bath towels which were only slightly damp! Everything seemed extra soft and the towels (even when damp) were really fluffy-soft, with no static at all. I appreciate the fact that they will last me years, there is no waste, and there are no chemicals ending up on our clothes or coating the drier vent. The balls get an enthusiastic two-thumbs-up!"

K.L., Concord, NC
May be scented with our Laundry Fragrance Oil. Just a couple drops will do.
3 for $15.00
2 dram vial
At Virginia Soaps & Scents we pride ourselves on our completely handcrafted products… but occasionally something comes along that we can’t formulate… only God can create it! Soap nuts are just such a product. The dried fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi berry produces a natural “saponin” (soap). Five or six soap nuts in a muslin wash bag tossed into your washer will wash 5 to 8 loads of laundry. A half pound bag will wash an average of 100 loads! Soap nuts can be boiled in water to create a liquid soap that can be used not only in laundry, but for all types of cleaning jobs both indoors and out as well as for personal and pet care. This is the “ultimate green” way to clean!
Soap Nuts
Sun-dried, de-seeded soap berries are USDA and ECOCERT certified organic.
Sorted, inspected and packaged in the USA!
8 oz. Soap Nuts
Muslin wash bag and full informational brochure included in each order.
2 for $19.00
Virginia Soaps & Scents
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2.5 pound bag
Contains a grated bar of our cleaning soap and a pre-measured amount of borax and washing soda. The recipe (included in the kit) makes 2 gallons of a heavy gel. Our family of 11 has been using this exclusively for years. The kit takes only minutes to mix up and is one of the best deals you'll find anywhere! Approximately 128 loads (1/4 cup per load) in an HE or front loader - 64 loads (1/2 cup per load) in a top loader. Lightly scented or unscented.
The Laundry Soap Kit...
Laundry Soap Kit
Hogwash Bar
Save More! 4 Kits
Contains cleaning soap, borax and washing soda.
Save More!
2 pack
Fragrance Oil
One tablespoon of our White Linen or Lavender & Herb fragrance oil per recipe will give your clothes a clean, fresh scent. Our 2 ounce bottle will fragrance up to four batches of laundry soap.
Want to add fragrance to your laundry soap?
(2 ounces)
128 loads!
Stain Remover and
Laundry Soap Bar
Hogwash Stain Remover Bar
Eliminate chemical-based stain removers from your laundry room. Simply wet the stain on the fabric, wet the Hogwash Bar and rub it into the stain. No need to wash immediately. We have salvaged more clothes than you can imagine!
"This is the best stain remover I have ever used!! I have used this several times and it has performed as promised. Hogwash is worth every penny! Grease stains are history with this product!"
Melody V. - Richmond, VA
Note: Spray your wool dryer balls with Linen Spray to fragrance your dryer and reduce static.
Note: Spray your wool dryer balls with Linen Spray to fragrance your dryer and reduce static. Purchase below!
* A year's worth of super-boosted powdered
laundry soap for less than $25

* Basic gel recipe - use your own borax and
washing soda for 4 cents a load.
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